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Our Story

Our Story

P3 Crypto (now P3 Network) Platform

The P3 Network is a thought leadership platform that provides clarity on the future of digital finance and blockchain technologies for stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. The P3 Network concept evolved after a decade of global engagement which saw its peak during our executive roundtable events at BTC Miami 2022.  


As mass adoption and interest continues to grow in the blockchain and digital assets ecosystem, there is an ever greater need for conversations on how digital innovation is outpacing older technologies. P3 Network events amplify the voices of the public and private sector champions of change as well as digital transformation leaders.

P3 Network

P3 Network emerged from the success of P3 Crypto, and has become the umbrella over a whole suite of services.

Most importantly, P3 Network is an access point for interested stakeholders to connect with top government and private industry leaders around the world. It is a convening force of public officials, private industry professionals, and thought leaders working to build stable grids, stable currencies, and stable governments. 

Our turn key solution encompasses the journey of initial dialogue through to successful implementation of critical programs and services for host nations. 


The P3 Network Board of Advisors has over 85+ years of combined development experience and has cumulatively implemented successful cross sector programs to support communities globally.


Our suite of services for each country include: 


P3 Roundtables 

P3 Capital


Virtual Events 


As the P3 Network grows in each country, so too will the advancement into the next era of technology and finance. The vision and mission of the network encompasses a future where regional growth and stability is directly linked to the long-term actions of the P3 Network.

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