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Restoring and bolstering America's role in the global supply chain

About P3 Labs

P3 Labs is the operating arm securing deals and bolstering trade routes via economic bridges to the United States in addition to the introducer for American technology and innovation to partner nations.

Commercial operations in:

  • Strategic Minerals

  • Food Commodities

  • Fishing

The Mission

P3 Labs first mission is executing supply chain and disruptive technology and building towards a large PPP, the P3 Innovation Hub. A PPP for development of an economic zone to help advance US policy globally around technology & innovation while developing a brain trust of partner companies and nations within the Hub.

Areas of focus around hybrid battery / energy storage, expanding the role of US chips manufacturing, supporting the US mandate for critical metals development, implementing key technology applications around water and agriculture, furthering research & development activities with leading Universities and global institutions, enhancing the global engagement with technology partners around the world. P3 Network in collaboration with key strategic partners will develop a technology approach that aligns with focus areas of strategic economic plans.

Advancing the needs of our critical supply chain with advanced technology for national security and economic prosperity.

Are you a supplier?

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