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A unified country-level approach to blockchain adoption

How We Help

Congressional Technology Advisory Group

P3 Network sits on Congressional Technology Advisory Group, represented by it's CEO as co-chair, alongside an US-led coalition of leaders providing recommendations relevant to financial services, critical supply chain, and blockchain to Congressional committees.

Membership is open to businesses that have a desire to provide market input into the dialogue necessary for lawmakers to craft sustainable legislative policies.

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In-Person Roundtables

Region specific in-person roundtables connect the public sector with private industries. Our country level events are designed to help enhance engagement as well as provide opportunities for last mile support.

P3 Network events are accessible through sponsored programs and generally available to all active Members.

P3 US-Africa Summit

December 13-15, 2022
Washington DC

A series of roundtables and private meetings that will serve as a summit gathering for P3 Network Members and government dignitaries from the African continent & the United States to create an environment for a prosperous Africa and build back a better world within each region.


Thought Leadership 

Regular virtual content and periodicals provide educational opportunities for businesses to get their narratives built for P3 Network's Advocacy Team to deploy in Washington DC and educate Members. 


October 2022

National Security Implications if the US does not lead on digital asset legislation. 

Featuring leaders from Prime Trust, Solidus Labs, Fluent Finance and a Member of Congress

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