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P3 Network Asia expansion bears 650,000 metric tons of fruit

P3 Network is pleased to announce that it has successfully intermediated a Chinese enterprise and a Brazilian refined sugar manufacturer together in a volume order of 650,000 metric tons of an extended period of time.

Earlier in the year, P3 Network established an office and Asia-Pacific headquarters in Shanghai, China as part of a speculative expansion in it's professional services bridging suppliers and buyers at the zero-trust stage.

"With China as the third highest consumer market in the world today even only utilizing 38% of it's GDP compared to the 69% that the United States uses, we are confident that our clienteling services within the two largest economies in the world and soon top two consumer markets in the world will position us as a market leader in international trade professional services. That, and of course, our track record for delivering." - Jonathan Leigh, CEO of P3 Network

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