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Coffee with Mel

Industry leaders and government officials meet and greet Dr. Sassi to discuss large projects in water, manufacturing supply chains, digital assets, and new emerging innovative businesses.


 During September 2023

Dr. Sassi Biography

Dr. Sassi was IBM Chief Penguin and former Global Head of the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator with 100+ startups in her portfolio focused on enabling early-stage companies to build and scale. Currently, she is the Head of the P3 Network Grants and Accelerator program and leads the P3 Network in their engagement with the United Nations. Dr. Sassi has a rich network around the world in government, entertainment, and private industry.

Ask the P3 Network for an introduction to high-profile government officials, industry experts, and thought leaders during the United Nations General Assembly.  Dr. Sassi meet and greet is an opportunity to get connected to mega projects in supply chain goods and services, and new startups emerging as disruptive technologies.



Sept 13-27th Coffee with Mel

To be announced...please register to stay in touch



Meet and greet (time TBD)



Meet and greet (time TBD)

United Nation
Interview with Mel 

Melissa Sassi

P3 Network

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