Crafting the future of digital asset and energy legislation globally

The P3 Network is a convening force of public officials, private industry professionals, and thought leaders working to build stable grids, stable currencies, and stable governments around the world. 
Addressing the Crypto Question
Virtual Event: September 12 - October 10

How we help

Congressional Technology Advisory Group

A US led coalition of crypto leaders providing recommendations to Congressional committees.

P3 Crypto Executive Roundtables

Region specific private roundtables connecting the public sector with private industry.

The P3 International Network

The Global P3 Network

Access to an international network of prestigious government and influential private sector leaders.

Lasting Impact

The P3 Network provides companies and nations with stable investments utilizing the P3 Venture Fund.

P3 Venture Fund

A $1bn fund to build ecosystems to benefit

nation states.

The P3 VF addresses financial risk, invests in core manufacturing sectors, accelerates the growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, and creates ecosystems that benefit nation-states; the P3 VF provides financial capital to support resource development, infrastructure systems, and economic stability.

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Virtual Event:

Addressing the Crypto Question


Medellin, Colombia


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