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Unveiling P3 Network Asia expansion

P3 Network is excited to announce the opening of a new office in Shanghai, China bridging our network with interested traders in Asia. The office will be managed by P3 Network Asia, which is a new subsidiary of P3 Network headquartered out of Taiwan.

Tour the new office

P3 Network Asia will have dedicated, local staff who will focus on connecting the trusted and verified network of commodity suppliers and buyers with interested parties in eastern Asia. They will heavily focus on two of the groups' strengths, in the areas of Softs and Minerals.

The goal is to operate an enterprise customer success center, where expectations and experiences are addressed and delivered in real-time.

P3 Network Asia Operational Managers Wei Lie Chang & Wang Yan Bo

P3 Network Founder & CEO Jonathan Leigh states "I'm very excited for the new chapter in P3 Network's expansion.

Greater Asia has one of the most aggressive, swift and competitive physical commodity trading machines in the world. More than 40% of our demand comes from Asia, making our investment into the region a no-brainer.

At the same time, Asia - as broad terminology as it is - has significantly different ways to approaching business in means of culture and communication. Something that our multi-cultural and local team understands truly to the core.

We are eager to take the "Trust Me" out of the equation and help buyers & suppliers fulfill orders secured by P3 Network's process."

P3 Network Asia is headquartered out of the unique territory of Taiwan and acts as a subsidiary of P3 Network, which is funded and owned in part by the Nest Financial Group, Koi3 LLC, and it's founder Jonathan Leigh.


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