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Recapping P3 US-Africa Summit

Washington, DC - The P3 US-Africa Summit forged trade and investment relationships necessary to both Africa and US strategic interest in energy, mining, manufacturing, financial services, agriculture, healthcare, and digital transformation. The general session resulted in billions of dollars of arrangements to improve trade relations, modernize tech systems, build supply chains, and increase the economic output of each country across the continent.

Special thanks to Mintz, Africa Global Solutions, Alkebulan, COMFWB, and Fluent Finance who made this event a reality. These P3 partners helped create the economic bridge between the public and private sectors. Leaders representing Nigeria, Mauritania, Eswatini, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Malawi, DRC, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana and others met with the American private sector during the course of deal flow meetings and activities.

Co-founder of P3 Network, Adrien Yule gave his view of the summit: “The summit was a success for many reasons, for one, the P3 leadership was able to identify the key issues hindering American progress. Secondly, the summit created a bridge between the private and public sectors to help secure the long-term resource needs of America and Africa. Finally, the partners signed multi-generational agreements tied to technological innovation and manufacturing.”

Ruth Negash, CEO of COMFWB & Adrien Yule, Co-Founder of P3 Network on what it takes to fulfill the US-Africa Vision

With the momentum from the US-Africa Summit, the P3 Network will continue to build these partnerships, strengthen these community relations, and foster technology and innovation, which will secure vital systems for future generations. Over the next decade, total investments by P3 Network partners will increase by the billions as the two continents work closer together.

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